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Golden Drop Winery

Complimentary wine tasting + 5% discount on your wine purchase.
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A Golden Drop of Innovation and Italian Tradition with a North Queensland Twist.

Golden Drop Winery provides the unique opportunity for locals and visitors to experience a working mango plantation, and to sample refreshing tropical mango wines, citrus 'cellos, mango port, and golden mango liqueurs.

“Our aims were to produce a commercially viable wine from mangoes, and to develop a unique 100% solely owned and operated Australian tourism attraction – we have succeeded!!”

Charles Nastasi

The Golden Drop product is 100% Australian and locally owned and operated; pioneered from produce from the farms' very own Australian Kensington red mangoes.

Charles and Lucy Nastasi, together with sons, Sam and Dino, and their wives Jackie and Maria, daughter Grace, and sister Lena, operate Golden Drop Winery.

The property was originally a viable tobacco farm in the 1970s, but with the looming demise of the tobacco industry, Charles wisely diversified, planting 3,600 mango trees in 1975.

Over the past 25 years, the plantation has grown to more than 17,500 trees; established as one of the largest mango plantation in Australia.

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227 Bilwon Road, Biboohra QLD 4880

P: 07 4093 2750

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